Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Beautiful Woman

Physical beauty is an external expression of the spirit. It grows and is cultivated internally and without conscious effort it is manifested externally. Therefore, only a woman who has discovered her true nature, her "self", can be truly beautiful. Genuine beauty is all-encompassing and is present not only in physical appearance but in movement, voice, thought and feeling.

A beautiful woman radiates from within; her complexion glows and her eyes shine. Her movements and gestures are poised and graceful, they flow with a natural rhythm. The entire body of a self-realized woman will be beautiful because she is deeply aware of her inner beauty and this awareness is transferred to all who come in contact with her. The humility, compassion and love of a beautiful woman are genuine and a mystical quality is present in her aura.

The "look" of the beautiful woman is never out of style because, without effort and regardless of how she dresses or in what environment she functions, she is continually making the style - the style of her individual beauty. Since the sensitive woman has perceived that beauty takes the form of a continual inner unfoldment, endlessly changing in color and hue, becoming ever more intense and expressing itself as a unified whole, her quest for beauty becomes a process of discovering and revealing more and more of her inner being, of her true nature, of her real self.

- Thoughts for the day, 19th day, Richard Hittleman's Yoga 28 day exercise plan

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