Saturday, June 21, 2008

Aikido Secrets Revealed!

As I looked at my Blog today, this showed up on one of the Google Ads: Aikido Secrets. I had a good laugh after reading its first page -

* A Nage-Waza (throwing technique) so dangerous that most insiders won't share it with anyone outside of our inner circle... It is that controversial!

* How to use a "Iriminage" (body throw) that is so dangerous that your attacker or opponent will have nightmares for the next decade after being humiliated by you with this insider technique...

* The top Aikido pressure points techniques... If used properly will insure your opponent drops to his knee's within 3 seconds. (He will start crying after 5 seconds.)

Sounds like another product of our instant-gratification-on-sale culture. O Sensei, bless his heart, must be turning in his grave somewhere.

I have discovered some Aikido secrets of my own. And I give them out for free!
  • Find an excellent Dojo like this one -
  • Put your heart and soul into the training. Go to class and train every week.
  • Think less and less about how to make yourself look good, think more and more on your understanding of the Art.
  • Don't worry about the belt - it is not important. Train and the belt will come.
You might have joined for the techniques, but if you train correctly, you will leave with everything else. If you do choose to leave that is.

For many Aikido becomes a life-long journey, a way of life.

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