Saturday, June 21, 2008

Useful Money-saving Blogs

Gas price seems to be going up everyday, and of course, other expenses follow suit. It seems obvious that the economic downturn is not over and the worst is yet to come. Just about everyone is feeling the pinch. After all, it is hard to cut down driving and impossible to quit eating. So what can we do to make our dollars work harder? A few excellent Blogs might shed some clue.

Money Saving Mom
Lots of shopping advices, great deals, and coupons.
Offers very specific strategies on stores like Walgreens and CVS.
Updated daily.

Get Rich Slowly
An overall financial advice blog. Many tips on how to save your money, and how to make money as well.

Frequently list links to other great sites and articles.

Gas Buddy
Enter your zip code and it will find out where you can get the cheapest gas!

Deals to Buy
If you have to buy something, electronics, gifts, what have you, check here first. It almost always give you the best deal on the web.
I practically ditched Amazon all together after I discovered Fantastic saving on books, music, movies, etc.

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