Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Father's Letter

I read this posting today and was quite moved - it was a letter from a father to his 19 year old son. You can't help but feel this tender ever-lasting love he had for his son. Some of the wisdoms he tried to pass on are just timeless.

It is comforting to know that the human race we are all part of has such extraordinary capacity for love.

Perhaps writing letters is a lost art now days; I often wish it is not. In a world filled with emails and text messages, this one reminds me of the older and simpler times, when real and quality communication had its place. If I ever have a child, I will write a letter like this one.

Some of my favorites from the letter:

#6 Girls can be handy. They are nice to talk to and smooch and some times they take pity on poor helpless males and cook them a meal + iron for them.

#10 I know the time will come when you may go on an adventure such as a move out of state or a trip to Australia or whatever else crosses that mind of yours. We will probably throw out all kinds of cautions. That’s just what parents do but follow your dreams anyhow. Please don’t ever move off without letting us know where you are and dropping a note once in a while just to say your OK. Parents have spent 18 years listening to your every breath and loosing sleep if you missed a breath and they just can’t get out of that habit easily. You can do most anything you want and you will have our approval as long as we know you are OK.

Happy Father's Day!

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