Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Big Four

Tim Taylor, one of my personal heroes, fondly recalls what his NASA mentor told him once about life in his book "Launch Fever" -

I remember him saying, "You need to know who you are and what you enjoy doing so when one of the life changing opportunities comes your way, you will recognize it as one of the big four. You should then do everything you can to make it happen. Most people miss those four opportunities and live a life of quiet desperation. Your contentment in life will be determined by the choices you make regardless of all the negative events in your life. To enhance your life you will need to find a couple of those big four opportunities to create success in your life. No one is responsible for your success but you. Not your government. Not your mom and dad, and not your employer. You will determine your fate in life, and in the end you will have no one to blame other than your self. Those who continue to be the victim and blame others for their condition will never grow and be successful. You have to be your own bus driver."

If there is only one life lesson one can take, this is probably should be it.

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