Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Unmoving Center

Religions are beautiful. I am not sure how religious I am but I often find the world's religions breathtakingly beautiful . Somehow, the relentless effort by human beings to reach for the heaven tends to lift us beyond what we think is possible, and beauty ensues. If we only take the time to appreciate all these beauty, we might find people of different faith are more alike than not, and religion could simply be the same God revealing his glorious image in different ways.

The great Sufi mystic, Jalaluddin Rumi, seeing children whirl, thought that there must be something that the children feel but they cannot express, and perhaps they are not fully aware of what it is. So he tried whirling himself, and he was amazed that if you go on whirling there comes a moment when the center of your being remains static and your whole body and mind, whirls.

Once Jalaluddin realized that you can find the unmoving center of your being, he tried for third-six hours non-stop -- he was determined to whirl to his absolute capacity, not to hold back anything, so for third-six hours he whirled, and a great crowd watched.

After third-six hours he fell down, and Jalauddin was laughing loudly.

He said, "You think you have seen me falling, I have also seen myself falling. These third-six hours I have not moved a single inch. Now, I don't have to go to Mecca in search of God, I have found him. In the unmoving center of my own being, he is."

My dear readers, isn't this beautiful?

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